You know this situation; the auditor has turned up unannounced. As an entrepreneur, your heart usually sinks to your stomach, even though you know that everything is immaculate and legally compliant. Somehow, however, you get an uncomfortable feeling at first, because a lot depends on such an audit. But don’t worry, we at Meitron have done our homework so that you can get through the audit in a relaxed manner.

Because when it comes to quality, there are no sudden surprises for us. Not even the unannounced visit and the subsequent audit by a quality inspection commission – you see, we too are familiar with these situations. This is what happened recently; suddenly, an audit team was standing at our door to check the quality of our products and processes and, if appropriate, to certify them. However, this was not one of the many numerous and unannounced inspections that we (successfully) complete every year, but a mission from the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) to decide whether or not to award us the FSSC 22000 quality mark. FSSC 22000 stands for Food Safety System Certification and is an internationally recognised standard for ensuring food safety in the production of foodstuffs. It is only awarded if companies only produce and process food in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Long story short; the FSSC 22000 certificate is an internationally recognised certification mark guaranteeing the highest quality. Signed, sealed and accompanied by the appropriate certificate. Which we now proudly and gratefully hold in our hands (see image) so that you can be completely relaxed and unconcerned. Because our goal is that you can go about your daily business instead of having to worry about these things. We solve this for you by providing you with high quality standards.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks not only to all employees who, with their tireless efforts and commitment, made this certification mark possible in the first place and who have more than earned it. But above all to our quality manager Fynn Bischof and his team, whose full commitment is largely responsible for this award. Managing Director Ingo Meierhans also sees it this way; “I would like to thank my team working alongside Quality Manager Fynn Bischof for the excellent work that has led to this great achievement. With the FSSC 22000 certificate, we guarantee our customers the highest safety standards and absolute transparency.”

Ingo Meierhans is particularly proud of the fact that the audit was unannounced; “That shows that MEITRON is the reliable supplier of food compounds. Because quality always plays a major role and is absolutely a matter or course for us, meaning that our customers can take care of their company and not have to worry about audits.”