Lack of quality? Compliance with national and international standards? Measurement errors? Weighing problems? Conformity with regulations? You are probably also aware of situations in which you have to grapple with these unnecessary problems that are holding you back from your actual business and costing both time and money. As a result, you have to hire and train additional staff, procure raw materials, and invest in expensive machinery.

With us, you don’t have these problems. That’s a promise! With certificate and stamp. Because it is important to us at MEITRON that you, as our customer, can focus on your core business – we take care of everything else for you.
MEITRON is your totally reliable partner in matters of contract mixing, contract filling, packaging, storage and logistics.


We can think of at least 25 good reasons that we would like to share with you:

  1. You save time, because we always work on schedule and adapt to your specifications.
  2. You save costs that would otherwise be incurred for the procurement and maintenance of machines and additional personnel – or for storage, packaging and logistics.
  3. You save space because additional machinery needs to be accommodated. Storage racks also need space, maintenance and organisation, but we do that for you.
  4. You save on staffing, because that’s what you need to operate machines and to do storage and packaging work.
  5. You get the highest quality, because we only use raw materials that are FSSC 22000-certified.
  6. Expert support in product development? For us, the be-all and end-all. Before you invest time and energy, we would be happy to advise you and help you in word and deed.
  7. Are you looking for the best raw materials? We know where to find them and are happy to procure them for you.
  8. Do you need to temporarily store goods? We have the space and we take care of it so that you can reduce your space requirements to a minimum.
  9. Precisely mixed products in just the right amount? No problem at all for us. You tell us what you want and we take care of the rest.
  10. Our high-quality, modern machines guarantee flawless processing that is gentle on the contents.
  11. Could your products be improved even further? On request, we will refine your product to the highest degree.
  12. Exact quantities, exact portioning and content-based packaging? Our state-of-the-art machines do this for you.
  13. Do you need special labels and individual markings? You don’t have to worry about it, because we can do that for you too.
  14. Fluctuating demand? In this case, we are as flexible as your order situation. In this way, worries about unpredictable purchase quantities and payments do not arise in the first place.
  15. Do you expect regular, constant quality management? This is a matter of course for us at all times, so that you can sit back and relax. So, you always know that your customers are getting the best possible result.
  16. Our certifications are your seal of approval. For even greater customer satisfaction.
  17. Special customer requests and individual product solutions? You are in the best of hands with us. No matter what your ideas are, we develop this into an individual solution for you.
  18. We offer variable filling techniques for a wide variety of sizes and packaging, so that you can continue to use and offer your materials – we adapt fully to your circumstances.
  19. Highest purity specifications in compliance with hygienic standards? We guarantee that with a certificate and stamp. Audits are therefore not a cause for tension, as we have already thought of everything.
  20. Do you expect compliance with legal standards? So do we and we do everything in that regard, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.
  21. Do you need to ensure that international standards are respected? We know that and we do it.
  22. Could some things be done better? Sure! Here, we rely on continuous improvement processes in order to provide you with the latest and most advanced technologies and processes at all times.
  23. Do you expect transparency? Rightly so; we make it a priority in all operational processes. And, of course, when it comes to the costs.
  24. Are highly-qualified staff in short supply? Not with us. Highly trained employees always stand ready with the necessary expertise.

And last but not least;

25. We deliver just in time!

All things that we don’t just claim to, but that our customers see as well. For which we have been a reliable outsourcing partner and specialist in contract mixing and filling, packaging, labelling, storage and logistics for almost 30 years. For example, they say:

(Customer opinions here, either “real” or “invented” like these examples, in which the name, place and company would have to be given)

“For us, as a relatively small company for sports nutrition supplements, it is important that we can adapt flexibly to the respective market conditions at any time. This is the only way we can survive and also grow eventually. MEITRON is there for us as a flexible partner. And enables us to offer both small and, if required, larger quantities. In this regard, MEITRON always caters to our wishes and requirements.”

FREZZOR INC. Based in California

“As a start-up, we first need smaller quantities so that we don’t take any financial risks. This is the only way we can check whether our product “catches on” and how big the market for it is. MEITRON is ideal for this because they respond to our needs. They are also a relevant point of contact when it comes to packaging and labelling. Overall, MEITRON ensures that we can offer attractive individual unit prices even for small quantities.”

Life Sparring INC based in Hong Kong

“In times like these in particular, maximum flexibility is required. Our sales fluctuate a lot; we have to be able to react to that so that it is economically worthwhile. Constantly converting machines costs money. Storage rooms too. We prefer to fully rely on MEITRON for this as our reliable outsourcing partner. We order, MEITRON delivers. And on time. It’s as simple as that.”

MBS based in Munich

Since being founded on 1st January 1996, we at MEITRON have always worked in a customer and quality-oriented manner. That’s our business too. That’s why, just 6 months after we started our production on 150 square meters of space, we were able to certify ourselves in accordance with DIN ISO 9001/2000, an international standard that enables us to guarantee our customers trustworthy products plus the appropriate quality. Over the course of the following few years, we not only enlarged our production facilities and storage rooms to 10,000 square meters, equipped them with the most modern mixing and filling systems and expanded our logistics services, but also expanded our quality standards to include additional certificates and quality marks. Everything to be able to offer our customers the highest level of reliability, safety, service and quality.
This means that we are always at their side in word and deed as a reliable outsourcing partner. Because we, as an external service provider, take over part of their production, they can concentrate fully on their core business.

Our unwritten maxim here is that our customers should “be able to” do a lot and “have to” do as little as possible. We do the rest.

You can

  • Fully focus on your core business
  • Develop new products while readily making use of our skills and expertise
  • Use your offer to react flexibly to fluctuations in demand
  • Adjust prices quickly and precisely when demand fluctuates
  • Deploy your staff purposefully for development, marketing and sales
  • Customise your offer in terms of quantity, size and packaging at any time
  • Just try out products for test markets or smaller test projects, without large-scale risk
  • Avoid costly retrofitting or conversion of machines
  • Use space for professional storage more productively or effectively
  • Complete or deliver orders on time
  • Calculate prices precisely
  • Always rely on the highest quality

You do not have to

  • Take care of the procurement of raw materials
  • Hire staff and train them for specific production processes
  • Buy expensive machines or have them retrofitted or converted at high cost
  • Rent storage space and have it permanently available
  • Deal with quality defects, compliance with national or international standards, regulations and measurement and weighing errors
  • Invest in mixing and filling systems
  • Maintain a fleet of vehicles, manage logistics processes or monitor compliance with them
  • Repeatedly recalculate prices
  • Establish and maintain an internal quality management system
  • Invent and “design” packaging and its labelling
  • Compensate for market fluctuations, deal with problems such as over or underproduction

Being able do a lot, having to do little – that’s how we at MEITRON understand customer service. A real service to and for our customers is a matter of course for us here. With full, all-round service and tailor-made complete solutions. So that you can say with full conviction; MEITRON is worth it!